The Two Shrines Pilgrimage 2024

The Two Shrines Pilgrimage was established in 2016 to pray for the reconversion of Scotland following the model of the Chartres Pilgrimage. It takes place over three days each year, beginning on the fourth Saturday in July; pilgrims walk from the National Shrine of St Andrew in St Mary’s Cathedral, Edinburgh, to the ruins of St Andrew’s mediaeval shrine in St Andrews, a distance of around sixty miles. As at Chartres, the programme incorporates the Traditional Latin Mass and devotions.

This year the pilgrimage will take place from Saturday 27 July to 29 July. To register or volunteer for the pilgrimage, or to make a donation, please use the links below.

Questions about the pilgrimage should be emailed to the President of the Confraternity, Mark Hamid, using the following address:

Walk the Two Shrines Pilgrimage

Applications to walk our 2024 Two Shrines Pilgrimage have now closed to allow us to make final preparations for the pilgrimage. We still welcome applications to volunteer our donate in support of our endeavours.

If you have already registered please ensure you have paid your outstanding fees by 14 July.

If you have any questions about the registration process please email

Volunteer for the Two Shrines Pilgrimage

Our pilgrimage would simply not be possible without the contribution of our volunteers. This year we are offering volunteers a 50% discount on the cost of walking for each day volunteered, to allow pilgrims to contribute to both elements of our apostolate.

Donate to the Two Shrines Pilgrimage

Please consider making a donation, even if you are unable to attend. The Confraternity is a charity and relies entirely on pilgrimage fees and donations to deliver its apostolate, so the generosity of our donors is greatly appreciated.