Walk the Two Shrines Pilgrimage 2024

About You

Please provide the number you will be contactable by immediately prior to and during the pilgrimage. Contact from the organisers in advance of to the event will be primarily by email.
Our Members play an important role supporting the Confraternity and its apostolate. They also receive a significant discount on the fee for participating in the Two Shrines Pilgrimage. Membership of the Confraternity is £10 per year for adults and £5 for members’ children. If you have indicated you wish to become a member you will be invited to fill out the membership form before paying.
Concessionary rates are available for under-18s, students, seminarians, and in other special circumstances by arrangement.


In recognition of the essential work of our volunteers we offer a 50% discount for each day they help out instead of walking. Their roles include, but are not limited to, driving, cooking, cleaning and stewarding. We will contact you to discuss volunteering once you have submitted your form to confirm your eligibility for a discount.

Personal Information

We are committed to catering for participants with the dietary needs listed above. We will be happy to discuss other dietary requirements when considering an application and agree either to offer catering or for the participant to provide their own food.
Participation in the pilgrimage requires a reasonable level of physical fitness, and with moderate hillwalking across Fife on the Sunday. It is important we are aware of any pre-existing medical conditions you may have, and we will contact you to discuss these if necessary before confirming your attendance.
Please provide the name and telephone number of an emergency contact, together with their relationship to you.
If you have any questions please email cosn.president@gmail.com. We will be happy to speak to you before or after you complete this registration form.


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATIONS RECEIVED BEFORE WHIT MONDAY (20 MAY) WILL QUALIFY FOR A 25% DISCOUNT IF PAID IN FULL BEFORE 01 JUNE! Prices are calculated based on the number of days walked (whether or not accommodation is required); select a participation period, membership and concessionary status for your amount to appear.
The Confraternity is a charity and relies on donations to support its apostolate and the clergy who minster to it. Please consider adding a donation to support our work, either through this form or using our separate donation form for other amounts.