Membership of the Confraternity of St Ninian is open to anyone who is willing to support our apostolate by praying regularly for the reconversion of Scotland; it is not necessary to commit to going on pilgrimage to become a member. All members are entitled to receive a certificate of membership and the Confraternity riband, which is the insignia proper to members. Holy Mass is offered on the sixteenth day of each month for the intentions of the Confraternity and all its members.

Joining the Confraternity is undoubtedly the best way to show your support for our apostolate. In addition to your spiritual and financial support, the number of members which we had is a powerful indicator of the value of our mission to revitalise the Church in Scotland and to show the demand and potential of Sacred Tradition in evangelisation.

Individual membership costs £10 annually, with family membership available for £25. Please complete our membership form to provide your details and arrange to pay the membership fee.