Two Shrines Pilgrimage Final Mass 2023

UPDATE: The final Mass location will be St Margaret’s Chapel, Canmore Catholic Chaplaincy, 24 The Scores, KY16 9AS.

The Closing Mass and Procession of the Two Shrines Pilgrimage 2023 will take place in St Andrews, Fife, at 5:30PM on Monday 31 July.

Clergy wishing to assist in choir are asked to contact the organisers in advance.

Weather permitting, the location will be the ruins of the Chapel of St Mary on the Rock, which is to the north of the cathedral and above the harbour. Access is via Gregory Place (KY16 9PU).

Please note that the outdoor location is open to the public and there is no congregational seating. Participants are encouraged to bring their own seats if they see fit.

A decision about the weather and the ultimate Mass location will be made at 3PM on the day. It will be posted on this page.

To receive updates by WhatsApp, please join the dedicated Mass alert group using the this link or the QR code below.